Tool interoperability and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is becoming the main fact
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Traceino is a traceability framework that supports the definition, management and analysis
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Metrino is a tool that supports the definition, management and evaluation of metrics for a
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Requino is a Requirements Engineering Framework that enhances the product development proc
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ModelBus Version 1.9.9 available

Version 1.9.9 of ModelBus is released now and can be downloaded from the ModelBus web site. It contains some improvements and supports OSLC.


Model Driven Engineering

Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is a well-accepted approach for conducting systems engineering. A mighty tool like MDE is...

Tool Integration

The integration and interoperability of tools is a very crucial issue in achieving high efficiency in systems engineerin...

Quality Engineering

System Engineering has high requirements on efficiency and quality. MDE and modern engineering approaches contributes to...

Data Migration

The tools used within development lifecycles have certain features which make them more attractive than others. Properti...

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