Automation, Integration and Collaboration in Development Processes

ModelBus® is the tool integration platform which helps you to reduce development efforts by letting tools exchange models and by automating tedious manual work


ModelBus Services are solutions for specific engineering problems, such as transformation of data or models between different tools. ModelBus get out tool data via ModelBus Adapters. ModelBus Services provide operations on these data. You can combine adapters and services into powerful toolchains.

EA – Papyrus Service

Export or Import UML-Models from Sparx Enterprise Architect into Eclipse Papyrus Modeler. The Transformator fully supports the import/export of all diagram information. The EA – Papyrus Transformator ModelBus.Service is available as a standalone tool or online service. You can get EA-Papyrus Transformator user licence for 200€. Get more information

EA – Simulink Service

Export and Import your Simulink Models into Sparx Enterprise Architect. You can easily configure the transformation to your indivudal needs. The EA – Simulink Transformator supports export/import into SysML or UML Simulink Profile. The EA – Simulink Transformator ModelBus.Service is available as a standalone tool or online service. You can get the EA-Simulink Transformator user licence for 550€

ModelBus.Modeling Environment


ModelBus provides the integrated Modeling Environment – ModelICE.  It is  browser-based and follows the cloud-principle everybody involved is always at the same level. ModelICE provides several perspectives of your modeling space. It consists of serveral ModelBus Adapters and ModelBus Services as well as a powerful ModelRepository and UML Modeler.

Ready? We are! – Just Start – No time-consuming administration. No permanent installation effort. No downtime through hardware capacities limits. Every step is anticipating the next and you can stay flexible in case of unexpected issues. You can work collaborative with your Team in order to create UML models. You can easily import and export models into Papyrus or Sparx Enterprise Architect.