Traceability for a certified Development Process

Traceability of requirements throughout the development process is a core competence in safety-critical systems that are to be certified.

In cooperation with our customer, we have developed a traceability tool that supports this development process more efficiently. Using a model-based approach, requirements and test management tools as well as various version management tools of the client were integrated. For example, our customer gained 80% efficiency in the analysis of all trace information, as lengthy data exchange via files and analysis processes that had to run overnight are now a thing of the past.

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Traceability of requirements is an important building block for ensuring the quality of our medical products. The traceability tool, which we developed in close collaboration with Ingrano Solutions and Fraunhofer FOKUS, allows us to seamlessly integrate requirements and testing tools as well as multiple source code versioning systems. With the new tool, we were able to significantly increase the efficiency of the traceability analysis process and at the same time received a future-proof solution that meets our high quality requirements.

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