We ensure quality in critical infrastructures

We test with you and for you

Quality Engineering

Ingrano Solutions offers effective, customised and modular testing for your products and solutions. We increase the quality of your tests and benefit from the knowledge advantage through our direct contact with Fraunhofer research and our experience in the field of testing complex systems.

Do you need support with Quality Engineering?

We support your teams in test management, test specification, test implementation and test execution. We always pay attention to a high degree of test automation. Our employees are certified testers and have many years of experience. We also support you at short notice with time-critical projects.

Do you need certification for your product?

Ingrano Solutions has many years of experience in the certification of critical infrastructures. We help you test your products and solutions in accordance with the certification criteria. We are independent experts and have proven this many times in the field of telecommunications and telematics.

Among other things, we offer:

Support and advice on the selection of the right test technologies and test approaches

Testing applications and systems, especially network and security applications

Test management

Test automation and manual testing

Test execution, test laboratories

Training of the involved staff

We offer reliable and demand-oriented quality assurance

Effektive Lösungen für Ihre Software-Testing-Anforderungen

Effective solutions for your software testing requirements

During the testing process, we focus particularly on the requirements and offer specifically tailored solutions. This provides you with reliable, proven and modular testing environments. This Ingrano Solutions implements for you or we support your own teams in doing so.

Efficient software testing implementation

We support you in the specification, implementation and execution of testing cases. Our highly-qualified test experts are proficient in the customary standards and quickly adapt to your requirements. We support your test teams both selectively with individual test tasks and through responsible execution of complete test projects. Ingrano Solutions ensures maximum efficiency in the quality assurance of your products with flexibly available resources.

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