ModelBus.Service: EA - Papyrus Transformator

The powerful ModelBus.Service enables you to transform UML models from Sparx Enterprise Architect to Eclipse Papyrus. The ModelBus.Service works in both directions. You can import Eclipse UML models into Sparx Enterprise Architect including all diagram information. You can also create your own UML diagrams online with our ModelICE tool.

Create your own UML diagrams ONLINE

The ModelBus.Service supports almost all UML diagram types. The ModelBus.Service can fully operate as standalone service offline in your environment. The transformation can be adopted to your needs.


    • import and export UML models for Eclipse Papyrus and Sparx Enterprise Architect
    • exchange UML diagram information from Enterprise Architect and Papyrus
    • customize the transformation to your needs
    • access model elements via powerful API
    • offline service version as standalone tool available for only 200€


Try FREE Online ModelBus.Service UML Transformation

You can use the ModelBus.Service UML Transformation in order to exchange models (including diagrams) between Eclipse Papyrus and Sparx Enterprise Architect. The ModelBus.Service is FREE of charge and without any restrictions.

Try Online Transformation Service

Get in touch with us

If you need a full offline version in your environment as standalone tool or if you need a customize transformation please contact us. The offline version is available for only 200€.

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