traceino_logo_notextTraceino is a traceability framework that supports the definition, management and analysis of trace information across engineering tools in a model-driven engineering environment. The Traceino framework can be easily integrated into your tool landscape according to your specific traceability requirements.

It’s obvious that traceability information which needs to be managed grows with the size and the complexity of the system and in particular traceability management is getting worse when it’s done manually. Therefore, a consistent traceability management is one of the major challenges in today’s system engineering that supports engineers to be more productive and efficient by handling traceability data. In many cases engineers still have to consider and handle traceability policies manually supported by copy & paste functionality or stupid identifier comparing for instance. A typical scenario is to copy requirement identifiers from the requirements engineering tool and to paste it to a test description of a test in the test management tool. This is a painful and in particular error-prone work, because nobody can really guarantee the consistency of all traceability information. Traceino helps you to overcome these challenges.



Traceino is a model-based traceability framework that allows the definition of traceability policies and the management of type safe structured traces. Traceino is tool independent, so you can integrate it into your engineering tools via specific ModelBus adapters or you can manage your traceability in a web-based standalone application which simply runs in your favorite web browser. Traceino allows you to browse through all traced model elements in each participating tool and it provides methods to analyze the entire traceability model to ease requirements coverage analysis or impact analysis for instance.

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