modelbus_logo_notextTool interoperability and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is becoming the main factor for mastering the entire development process. Time and cost efficient processes combined with high quality software are essential to win the fierce competition on the software production market. Mastering the Application Lifecycle is the key aspect of successful software and system development. Challenges in the development process include: tool interoperability, collaboration, traceability, reporting and analytics, as well as process automation.

ModelBus® is a framework for managing complex development processes and integrating heterogeneous tools. It allows to integrate tools from different vendors serving different purposes. This integration creates a virtual bus-like tool environment, where data can be seamlessly exchanged between tools. This avoids the manual export and import of tool specific data, which is usually accompanied by manually executed data alignment steps. ModelBus® interoperable tool integration contributes to the collaboration of engineers and developers involved in the software and system development process. (The virtual bus architecture leverages information exchange between tools and developers.) Thus, it supports coordinated simultaneous work. ModelBus® automation is the key to increase the efficiency in a software and system development environment. ModelBus® facilitates the automatic and semi-automatic execution of process steps throughout the complete software development process.



  • Integration of software tools
  • Construction of integrated and automated tool chains
  • Support of collaboration of developers
  • Based on service-oriented architecture

ModelBus® uses only well-established and accepted standards, protocols and software packages.

  • Transportation
  • Orchestration
  • Core Technologies
  • Data Storage
    SVN, Git, TFS

Note, there is a set of tool adapters available for ModelBus for many major engineering and desing tools. You can check at the adapters page if your respective tools are in the list. We are constantly working on extending this list and appreciate any request for new tool adapters.

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an initiative to strengthen the interoperabiltiy of tools. ModelBus is compatible with OSLC and implements the OLSC specification. In addition to that ModelBus also offers a specific OSLC connectivity feature, which connects the non-OSLC world with OSLC tools. You can learn more on the ModelBus OSLC connectivity page.

The basic set of ModelBus® is open source and free software. Tool adapters, consultancy, support and maintenance services are available for establishing a ModelBus® based development scenarios fitting your individual needs.

More details about ModelBus can be found at the ModelBus web site.

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