ModelBus allows you to upgrade your existing development process with OSLC functionality acting as a thin mediating and enabling layer. The data can remain in your existing version control systems like Git, SVN or Team Foundation Server, not disturbing your deployed development process. They are simply accessed via the ModelBus repository connectivity. Even your data and sources remain in the original format (e.g. C/C++, Java, UML/SysML, Rhapsody, Simulink, Modelica, ReqIF) and stay untouched. All necessary data is derived on demand and cached for performance. This ability allows you a smooth transition into a new technological era of ALM.



An additional feature is the full integration of OSLC with the most widely spread and adopted model driven development technology, the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). With ModelBus you don’t need to choose between either but can enjoy the best of both. In EMF you won’t even recognize the difference and in OSLC you get the full functionality of a consumer and service provider at the same time.


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