Using ModelBus efficiently needs the respective tool adapters. You can select from a variety of tools used for different purposes.

Eclipse based tools (Papyrus, ProR, Topcased and many more)
Eclipse is a powerful and widely-used development environment. A huge number of engineering tools are built upon the Eclipse platform. All Eclipse-based tools are connected via the ModelBus TeamProvider that enables the full functionality of ModelBus in your preferred Eclipse tool. Engineers can work in live mode and see model changes directly and immediately in their diagrams.

Sparx Enterprise Architect The Enterprise Architect is an easily operated and very flexible modeling tool which is often used for early design phases. The ModelBus adapter for Enterprise Architect supports fully these powerful flexibility. It allows you to share your EA models including all profile and diagram information with other modelling tools such as Papyrus, Rhapsody or PTC Integrity Modeler.

IBM Rational Software Architect The Rational Software Architect is a UML based modelling tool for architecting and designing in particular Java and Web applications. The ModelBus adapter connects this tool with tools addressing other aspects of the system engineering.

IBM Rational Doors One of the most prominent requirement management tools is Rational DOORS from IBM. The ModelBus DOORS adapter allows you to get out all information stored in DOORS including traceability data. So you can browse your requirements and link them with design elements in your preferred modelling tool for instance. You can also design and specify your requirement in SysML and store these requirements and their links back to DOORS via ModelBus.

IBM Rhapsody IBM Rhapsody is well known for its capabilities in systems engineering. Its code generation facilities are widely used for development of embedded systems and it facilitates a UML/SysML approach. The ModelBus adapter for IBM Rhapsody facilitates the processing of Rhapsody models in other tools of the systems engineering tool chain. In particular Rhapsody models and the respective diagrams can be used in other modelling tools like Papyrus.

MathWorks Simulink
The simulation of system functions is perfectly done with Simulink. The ModelBus adapter for Simulink connects these simulation models with the rest of your development lifecycle. The structural modelling can be done by using different modelling formalisms like SysML while using the strengths of Simulink at the same time.

PTC – Integrity Modeler (Artisan Studio)
The PTC Integrity Modeler is a practical modeling tool based on model-driven principles for SysML, UML or variability modeling. The ModelBus Adapter for PTC Integrity Modeler (formerly known as Artisan Studio) allows you to share your design models and link them with other development artefacts which are already connected to ModelBus. In that way ModelBus brings together the pragmatic way of PTC Integrity Modeler, early-design stage tools and strong-typed variability management tools.

HP Quality Center
HP Quality Center is a widely-used quality management tool for requirements management and test management. The ModelBus Adapter allows you to share your quality management data with other tools or to synchronize your HP Quality Center with data from external quality assurance tools.

Borland Caliber
The ModelBus Adapter for Borland Caliber allows you to share system requirements with other requirements management tools or to make the explicitly availble to pther tools for the traceabilty reasons. In particular the ModelBus Adapter comes with a high-performance access mechanism. You can extract and update all traceability information from Caliber. In collaboration with analysis services you can have an accurate and timely view of all your requirements data.

Berner & Mattner Tools (MERAN, MESSINA, TESTONA)
B&M are providing powerful system engineering tools like MERAN for DOORS, MESSINA, and TESTONA for development and testing of complex electronic and mechanical systems. ModelBus Adapters allows you to consume the full power of these tools. This includes mastering the development of systems with many variants at early stages of specification and analysis, and enabling automation of software integration tests for models, software components, as well as ECU testing on the HiL test bench.

Microsoft – Office (Word, Excel, Visio)
In systems engineering a lot of reports, specifications and presentations are produced. These documents contain requirements, design information or tests results. The ModelBus Office Adapter Family helps you to connect your documents with your engineering tools. ModelBus allows you to keep all documents consistent and in sync with your engineering data.

OSLC Compatibility The Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is a promising standardization activitiy for building practical specifications for tool integration and data sharing. The ModelBus OSLC Compatibility allows you and your data to be part of OSLC world. Either you can consume existing OSLC providers via ModelBus in your preferred way or you can offer your data as OSLC resources via ModelBus.

In addition to the listet tools we do work constantly on integrating new tools and we provide an SDK which eases the integration of your inhouse tools.

If you favorite tool is not in this list or for detailed information and individual quotes please contact