metrino_logo_notextMetrino is a tool that supports the definition, management and evaluation of metrics for arbitrary model-driven engineering elements such as requirement, design or test models. Metrino provides a huge number of services which can be orchestrate to powerful service chains to contribute to a specific quality assurance approach that fulfil your quality needs.

Needless to say, quality assurance is a holistic approach in system engineering discipline, so early and continuous evaluation supports the identification of essential problems as early as possible with respect to functionality, availability or security. It is also obvious that quality assurance varies in different aspect. Metrino is focusing on the aspect of model analyses which includes evaluation of models according to specific modeling rules and guidelines, model enhancement by recognizing “bad design” situation in models or measurement of models based on metrics.


Metrino provides a large quality library containing a high number quality metrics and design pattern recognizer based on quality standards and best practices experiences. You can easily extend and customize Metrino’s quality library or you can create and define your own set of rules according to your needs. Metrino allows you the editing, visualization and reporting of measurement results via an Eclipse-based front-end which fits perfectly into existing tool chains and it can be used in background mode as a ModelBus Service for automatic computing of metrics and generating results reports. Metrino can be employed in all process steps and can be applied to all models.

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