The tools used within development lifecycles have certain features which make them more attractive than others. Properties like usability or pricing might be important factors when conducting an individual project. However, due to new requirements or changed conditions the need for a replacement of a tool might occur. And Data Migration is often not among the features of the used tools or provides only suboptimal results.

We offer you flexible and easy to use migration services in two different categories:

  • One shot migration: Your data which is handled with a tool will be transformed by our experts into the appropriate format of a similar second tool.
  • Migration solution: You get a customized migration tool which allows you to migrate your data at any time and as often as you like. This might be in particular useful if you like to run a hybrid tool approach.

The data migration can be done at your premises with our data migration tools in a timely manner and lets you easily switch from one tool to the other with the following explicit benefits:

  • Full cost control: fixed price for both of the migration categories
  • Full feature migration including diagrams in case of model migration
  • Semantic alignment if needed
  • Traceability

If you want to use two or more tools in parallel for the same data you can benefit from out tool integration services.

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